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What equipment will the band provide?

NRG is completely self-sufficient, providing an appropriately sized sound system, as well as lighting.


When should the musicians arrive?

Under normal circumstances NRG is able to set up and make ready within approximately one hour of arrival. It takes the same amount of time to pack up and clear away at the end of an engagement.


How long does the band play for?

NRG (like most bands) plays a live set of approximately 2 hours 30 minutes consisting of two sets with a brief break.


Will I need to book a DJ too?

Not necessarily. As a free added service, NRG provides appropriate background music when not performing live. In addition, recorded popular party music can be provided after the two sets, if required at a small extra cost. Often clients like to provide their own music compilations. NRG is happy to play client's CDs or MP3s over their sound system.


Do you have a set list?

NRG can provide you with a complete set list with all songs that they know and play, via email. However, NRG don't generally use specific set lists for the evening as they feel it is best to judge the crowd on the night. Which means they can tailor for the vibe more accurately. You can of course email NRG back the set, highlighted with as many of your favourite tracks as you want and they will do their best to include them.


Will the music be loud?

You will of course want to get the best from the live music performance, and the musicians will want to give their best. As an experienced band, NRG is very sensitive to the issue of live music volume and is adept at tailoring their sound to suit the type of engagement and the venue. Nevertheless, here are a few hints and tips you may wish to consider:


• All live music has the potential to be loud at times

• Where best to position the stage area/band in the venue

• The seating arrangements of your guests relative to the stage area

• The position of any dance floor is normally close up to the stage area.


Do you have Public Liability and PAT testing?

Yes, we are a member of the Musicians Union and are covered via Hencilla Canworth Ltd. We have valid PAT testing. Certificates on request.


What music-related issues should I discuss when booking the venue?



You should check that the venue is licensed for live music and dancing.


Start and finish times

You should agree with the venue the time at which the live music is to finish. You should also agree the time at which you must quit the venue (please bear in mind that it takes the musicians about an hour to pack away and exit).


The Stage Area

NRG requires a minimum stage area of 8 feet (front to back) and 12 feet (side to side) flat and clear. If the stage area is outside, the entire roof must be covered and have three sides – rain or shine.



The musicians will be working with electric instruments and equipment. NRG requires one 13 amp ring mains socket (minimum) to be provided in the immediate stage area. Electrical power provided to the stage area in the venue must of course be safe. Please note: mobile generator supplied mains power cannot be used.



The musicians will need to make a number of trips, carrying (often heavy) equipment from vehicles to the stage area. This can be potentially hazardous if the path to the stage is difficult, or obstructed, if access is by stairs, or is at some distance from the vehicles. It is helpful to let the musicians know of any issues in advance.